Saints Share the Whole Cheeseburger

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1 Response to Saints Share the Whole Cheeseburger

  1. Steve Barrett says:

    Hi Fr. Rick. This is Steve Barrett. You do not know me. I just met a young woman — Ms. Anna Lee — who claims you as her spiritual advisor. (She came to know you as a student at Franciscan University in Ohio.) For 20-minutes tonight (August 27, 2013) at the JWMarriott hotel in Hong Kong, she spoke about how you have changed her life. Thank you for that. Evangelization — spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ — is the most important work of the Church. And, the future of the Church is with young people like Anna Lee.

    Thank you again for the impact your own faith has had on this one young woman in Hong Kong. I am from Boston, work for the RCAB, and understand that you may be living somewhere in the Bay State. It would be a blessing to me if our paths crossed someday in the future.

    God Bless,

    Steve Barrett


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