Is your girlfriend faithful?


What ’s the number one thing most people look for in a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend? Or a best friend?

What qualities do you think make a person a worthy companion, someone you would not be afraid to share your heart with and truly call your friend?

Well, perhaps the most important virtue any of us might want to find in a friend is FAITHFULNESS.

A true friend is faithful, someone there for you in good times and bad. A true friend is someone who doesn’t talk behind your back, doesn’t leave you when you are in need, doesn’t trade you in when someone more desirable comes along.


A faithful friend realizes that friendship is a precious gift. If not cared for, it can be damaged or even lost. The friendships that endure are the ones in which both people value the bond they’ve created and put effort into preserving it.

Jesus is inviting you into the greatest friendship you could ever imagine and it too is a relationship that calls for faithfulness. Being faithful to Jesus means being with Him (especially through prayer) in good times and bad, refusing to talk negatively about Him, never leaving His side, never trading Him in when something that seems more desirable comes along.FullSizeRender.jpg

We are blessed to have the Gospel stories which teach us what friendship with Jesus looks like. We are blessed to have the Church that Jesus left us which teaches us how to be faithful to and to preserve that friendship.

So, what are you really looking for in a friend? Maybe it’s time to look to Jesus for the most precious friendship imaginable and to pray for the grace to be faithful to that friendship to the end.

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